Volunteer works 18-24th October 2015

Arrival Day
After arriving into Johannesburg on Sunday morning, the team of 10 settled into their home for the next 7 days. Following lunch, we drove to visit Little Angels and Cool Cats. Some of the team were return volunteers from the previous year and were able to check the work that they had done and  see the progress that had been made.

During the day they went through familiarisation of the sights, Health & safety, job and team allocation.

TeamonDay1Day 1 – Monday 19th October

The teams were divided into 3. One team was allocated to Cool Cats Children’s home, where they were tasked with building an extension of an existing room presently used for everything including learning, feeding, changing and sleeping of children as young as 6 months rising to 10 years.

The new room, which will make their present area as much as 3 times larger than their existing building, will enable the children to grow in a more pleasing and habitable environment.

The second team was allocated to Little Angels where they started to paint the inside and outside of the wall of the grounds and render and paint the outside of the wall which is visible to the public. There is a lot of wall to paint but the team, enduring temperatures of 30 plus degrees carried on.


Rendering2atLAGerry Malone and Rob drewday1
















The sweet giving ceremony then took place with the children from the local school next to Little Angels virtually running over the team for the annual sweet treat.










The third and final team was made up of Courtney and Lilli. They were the Plumbing team with Lilli also doubling up as the local photographer!

CourtneyLilliplumbingatLAAfter fitting a new toilet at Cool Kats they made their way down to Little Angels to repair a leak to a bath.

The day ended successfully, the teams were fed, watered and even smiling after a long hard day in the heat.





Day 2  – Tuesday 20th October.

CourtneyplumbingWinnieMambasoDay2Back to the same teams and work plans at Cool Cats and Little Angels The plumbing team started a new project at a new Children’s home, Winnie Mambasa. This is a fantastic home that is well run and can only be described as a large extended family. All the children are girls from ages 3 to 14; it is very well structured and disciplined and the children are very much loved and are so happy!





Day 3/4/5.

Work at Cool Cats – from this and this…

















To finally this; the new building for Cool Cats erected by Chris, Jeff, Clare and John.







And at Little Angels – from this…

IMG_0089 IMG_0091








To this….

IMG_0268 IMG_0269







What a difference made by the team of Courtney and Lilli,and assisted by Carmen and David.

Rendering2atLAAnd outside…Gerry and Rob busy bricking and rendering the building.

What a great achievement from both work teams at both orphanages Little Angels and Cool Cats in a week. Unbelievable!!






Last Day

IMG_0215The team were able to go and see two other Footprints Orphangaes. Here Gerry enjoys holding a 6 weeks old baby at Anazing grace







IMG_0224Luckily Gerry had just had a grandson who had outgrown some clothes. Gerry was able to donate them to the little baby’s mother. Mother and baby were living at Amazing Grace as she was sadly beaten up by the baby’s father a day before she gave birth!!

Jeff also enjoying time at Amazing Grace with the children he met last year.





IMG_0226Not sure if it was Rob or the children having the most fun!!!







IMG_0234Lilli and Courtney the returners enjoyed hugs and play time with the children.







WelcomefromWinnieMabasokids IMG_0236Time to say good bye from Team 1 !!

Finally the team gather for a group photo at Winnie Mabaso children’s home.

This was the last home to be visited before the team left for the airport.

Here the children at Winnie Mabaso gather around. A great home and a great set of children. The whole team were so impressed here and as usual enjoyed time with the children.