Wednesday 23rd October

2 of us went into the community to meet some of the families of the children that attend the near by school, with some of care staff that work their.

I met 2 families on our visit into the community. The first was a single mother living in a tiny tin hut which she shares with her 2 children, she has no real source of income and when I arrived she had no food to feed herself or her children. I took her to the local shops and bought her 2 weeks worth of food for the equivalent of £10.

The 2nd family I visited was also a single mother with a child at the school, she is unable to work as her 2nd child suffers from learning difficulties and in South Africa there is still a lot of sigma attached to disability. She feels she is unable to take her child out into the community due to this and is therefore confined to her very modest property.

Visiting these 2 families in their own environments was very eye opening and humbling. It is an experience I shall never forget and carry with me for the rest of my life.

Bonnie Woods Team 2
Project South Africa Volunteer