Wednesday 16th October

Team 1 Day three started a little sluggish after the birthday celebrations of Olga the night before. Sore heads seem in fashion – must be the sunshine and the food. The usual excellent driving of the bus by Bob is always a quick jolt to sobering up.

The intellectual team of Paul, Keysee, Dean and Clare got to work on the next phase of the tin roof. A great deal of banter and breaking of hand drills later and miraculously we seem to be getting there. Supervision by Lisa of course was vital.

The painting crew headed by Trina excelled themselves today with the exterior of the men’s dormitory looking fantastic. Thanks Bob for your advice on the use of rollers! Paint not Hair! In the afternoon Chinyere and Olga were re-glazing the windows – great job.

Bob went to visit Gogo his African girlfriend in hospital and then Rachel joined the painters with a visit to a local school and to another orphanage at Little Angels to see what Footprints are looking to do there.

A quick beer or two on the way home and Dean committing a schoolboy error!

More to follow!

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