The Final Leg

Well that was the walk that was.

An interesting day included fellow walkers – Joel our Olympic hopeful, two angels and a London Squire in fancy dress from Birmingham, a client , 6 apprentices from Greenwich (again !) and a whole host of other supporters from around the company.

The final leg is not my favourite of the walks but the site seeing is fantastic with the majority of the tourist attractions included on our walk.

Congratulations to Maggie Devine and Jane Tappenden for making their long awaited appearance in the Daily Mail !! No chaps not page 3 but unlucky for us all page 13. They are snapped in the background picture of the tallest man in the world taken outside City Hall whilst we were walking past. Sorry team no I did not arrange the photo shoot for you all !

A few stragglers along the way and Carli stopping every 5 minutes for food . Lunch was a feast of sandwiches and chips and the chocolate bar store took a bit of a hammering. I suspect that Andrew Smith will be charging you all for the Mars bars you ate.

Thanks again to all supporters and I hope you got out of the walk what you wanted.

See you all soon on my travels around the Group, feel free to contact me at any time.

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