Sunday 11th May 2014

A fantastic start to this years’ walks with over 30 people and two dogs joining us for the Irvine & Killwilling New Town Trail around Eglinton Country Park.

Poor signposts but John McNeil ensured we made it to lunch without any hiccups.

Gerry Malone should be absolutely applauded for bringing along a great set of young men and a stunningly attractive young lady. Get your electricity repairs done from our Glasgow office!

Congratulations also to the Menzies Irvine hotel who did us proud; no mention of muddy boots and straight into our own private restaurant with a more than adequate supply of sandwiches and chips. Excellent staff awaiting our arrival – typical Scottish hospitality. Even more relevant was that they had laid on line dancing for Anteneh. He is keen to show you his new cowboy boots. A forty minute turn round and onwards.

The circular walk was flat all the way round and done in typical Scottish weather – four seasons in one day where I got totally soaked to the skin
and a burnt head! So much for forgetting sun block.

Then a three and a half hour drive (for Anteneh not me) onto Newcastle to enjoy the delights of the quay side view. Another date with Hadrian tomorrow.