South Africa – Week 3, Days 3 and 4

Mid week and the teams have achieved a lot on their respective projects.

The internal walls of the shipping containers on the squatter camp look a far cry from day one. The initial top coat has made a real difference.

midweekcontainerpaintinga midweekcontainerpaintingb

The house for volunteers staying at Winnie Mabaso is looking like a very comfortable home now. The decorating has been very professionally done by Jon and Steve Carmen also joined the team to lend a hand.

The visit to the Khaya centre made a welcome change for the team. In addition to getting involved with the first aid training carried out by Rachael Metcalfe to the staff and local community, the team saw how the centre was managed. They enjoyed seeing the children whilst they worked and got excited to see our team, running out of their classroom for hugs!

Watching the work in kitchen and on-site bakery, which churns out 80 loaves a day for those on-site and the community, was also a real treat.

firstaidtraining khayacentrebakingwendyho khayacentrechildandrachel khayacentrechildrencarmenanddawn midweekbaking

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