Monday 21st October

Day 1 fully rested after a good nights sleep the team are ready to go. As the heavens opened and the rain came down in full pelt, we thought we may have to abandon our plans for outdoor work at Zenzelene. As we arrived at the orphanage a glimmer of hope there was a break in the cloud and yes, sunshine at last.

What a good working day it was, two teams set about their working day. Team 1 who were Anna,Nasha, Bonnie and Angela were assigned to paint the outside of the whole building whilst team 2 of Peter, Carol,Graeme and Jane were involved in constructing a ceiling in the boys dormitory.

There was great team work and a lot of smiles in between the back and arm breaking moments.

Out came the rain again , but this gave team 1 the opportunity to visit Little Angels Orphanage, an inspirational half an hour was spent with the children and Khanye a 27 year old woman who has dedicated her life to being mother to all the children. Who would ever imagine that a small one bedroom house could host up to 15 children living there at any one time. She survives and cares for the children through charitable donations, it is amazing how so little can help change the lives of so many.

With the sun re appearing team 1 set about re painting their building and much to their delight completing the task, with team 2 reaching the point of beams in place for the final fix of their ceiling, an exhausting but exhilarating day 1 was complete.