Mears Team 2 – Day 4

The team got under way at Amazing Grace Orphanage early this morning.

Their mission was to finish making 2 libraries and work rooms for the out of containers, as well as completing the painting in the recreation room. They achieved both and also painted of the children’s bedrooms.

After a day at Amazing Grace some went to Little Angels to do the last bits
and pieces…

The others went along to Cool Cats to see the children for the first time. Like the team members from the previous week. they were smitten!

It was good to see that the people at the Children’s Home had made good use of the paints we left. In our absence, they decided to paint the wooden shed that they use as a kitchen, to make the outside look brighter and cleaner. It made all our efforts painting the building last week worthwhile as they showed they cared and appreciated what we did.

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