Mears Team 2 – Day 3

Today we were back at our newly adopted Orphanage Amazing Grace, continuing the work we started on Tuesday

The team spent the day on a number of tasks, including:

Planting vegetables..

Making shelves in a couple of containers to convert them into libraries for
the children ….

Painting the recreational area ….

Clare Vickers and Rachel Evans also managed to snatch some time to play
puzzles and games with the nursery children.

The remainder of the children arrived back from school and were treated to bracelets and chains that Clare had organised to be made and donated by some children in the UK

A very hot and tiring day but also very rewarding as Grace was so grateful for all the hard work carried out by the team.

clarerachelgivingwristbands291014 Clarewithchildren291014 Containerdecanting291014 gardening291014 gardeningClareRachel291014 gardeningGina291014 GinaandClairepainting271014 Jeffmakingshelves291014 kidsgettingwristbads291014 rachelplayingwithchildren291014 shelvingintocontainer291014