Mears Team 2 – Day 2

A change from the norm was the order of the day. The team put aside their paint brushes to lend a hand with a couple of gardening projects in the heart of Johannesburg.

The planting of vegetables took place on top of a roof of a 12th storey block of flats as well asin a small courtyard of a housing estate.

The project encourages tenants to grow their own vegetables, and those who do not take part in the scheme are able to purchase the vegetables for a cheaper price than in the shop.

The planting is managed by Food and Trees for Africa whom Footprints

Following the planting the team enjoyed a game of football with children from a local estate. The game was followed by a dance show which the children proudly performed.

Finally we went to see a football practice session with children of a local community. Footprints is one of the sponsors of the Meadowlands team. The children practice on a pitch that looks like a dirt track yet their ability and determination to succeed is overwhelming.