Mears Team 1 – Day 4

It was the final day for the team at Little Angels and a farewell to Cool Cats.

We had a varied day with some team members finishing off work they had started at Little Angels.

Others made a quick visit to a school in Orange Farm, where they helped in the kitchen whilst the staff prepared lunch for the whole school and packed meals for children whose families are too poor to feed them, to take home after school

We then took some members of the team to Amazing Grace, a new orphanage which Footprints supports, and have organised for the second Mears team arriving this weekend to carry out work.

Amazing Grace is run by Grace who really is amazing. She was abused by her adopted father and became pregnant at 13. Unbeknown to her the family took her to have an abortion and sterilisation at the same time. It was only when she married that she found out she could not have children as a result of this procedure. Subsequently Grace opened an Orphanage for children left abandoned in fields, dustbins and outside her door. She also takes in children suffering at the hands of trafficking.

With little to no money Grace runs a wonderful place for the 78 children that live with her.
Children who have grown up there are now working at the Orphanage breeding chickens, growing vegetables, making bread, sewing etc.

Grace ensures everything grown and produced is used for the purposes of the Orphanage and, very shrewdly, she sells items to the local community, with the money made going back into the Orphanage.

The team were very moved by Amazing Grace. It was an eye opener for them to see and hear first hand of the abuse and rejection suffered by the children and how their support as volunteers, and generous donations of clothes, books, writing equipment etc which they bought over, goes so far and means so much to the people here.


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