Mears Team 1 – Day 2

Tuesday 21st October and another early start on site. As early as 7 a.m. the temperature is around 21 degrees and peaks at 31 degrees by midday.

A shock to the system but the team soldiered on to deliver great results.

One team painted a whole building to look like this all the way round.

This achieved by people who had never picked up a paint brush in their life. Stacey Doyle, Carmen St. John and Robyn Traynor stepped up to the challenge and delivered a very professional piece of work. The end result is magnificent…

Stacey and Robyn hard at work painting the new orphanage and revamping the existing building.

Another challenge was for Emmet Moore,  who had never before used a building tool, but managed to build this with Jason Amos, Mears Client for Moat.

A very professional piece of work which they should both be very proud of.

It was not “all work and no play” At 2.30 p.m. “schools out” and the children from the local school have got word that sweets are being given out.

Day 1 we had 10 children turn up, and by day 2 there was the whole school! Steven Stockford thoroughly enjoyed this task today.

sleepingThe last treat of the day was a visit by Jason and Emmet to a new orphanage which Footprints will be supporting; Cool Cats…..20 little angels fast asleep!

This is what makes it all worthwhile…





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