Leg 4 Dorchester to Goring

The stretch from Dorchester on Thames to Goring is simply my favourite leg of the Thames walk.

With good support today from Mears , all subsidiaries and a good number of our partners from Travis Perkins. Star of the show as always was Tom Isaac’s from Movers and Shakers the Parkinson’s charity who kept us all amused with his ditties from his various walks. Tom is an accomplished walker having walked the coastline of Britain so I take my hat off to him.

The weather forecast was for a hot day approaching 28 degrees and although we didn’t reach those highs we had another fantastic day of weather for meandering the countryside.

Our morning was at a stroll as the appointed pub The Boathouse in Wallingford does not open its doors until 12. We were welcomed however with a swift rebuke and told to stand outside the gates for 20 minutes. They received a famous Holt response …. and on we walked for another 45 minutes until Jane could find the appropriate country lane to bring us a supply of much needed sandwiches and drinks. British service for you at it’s best !!

The afternoon was a lovely stroll then alongside some of the best scenery of the Thames with beautiful small boat houses welcoming you into Goring.

image_19 image_24