Leg 3 Radley to Dorchester

A good start, with people joining us from all parts of the country, North and South. Weather fine during the whole day and a lovely walk from the boatyard at Radley College ending at Dorchester on Thames, a lovely Oxfordshire village sleepy in the extreme. Lunch stop was again this year at the Waggon and Horses in Culham where with ruthless efficiency our lunch awaited our arrival.

The two girls from Customer Care kept us intrigued with their continual chatter and we were waiting for them to run out of breath, which they never did!!

A quick pace in the afternoon saw us complete the 7 miles in a fast time and I was able to relax at the White Hart Hotel in Dorchester ready for my afternoon and evening meetings. No rest for the very wicked.

Excellent support again from all the Mears team who have already raised significant amounts for various charities. Today we are told will be a hot one … hope the weather is too!

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