Leg 10 Kew Bridge to Vauxhall

Well what a day that was.

Started in the decent setting and weather of Kew Bridge [excellent bacon sandwich at the cafe by the way] with another good collection of people from throughout the organisation. Also a team from Travis Perkins with the Miss TP 2009 [selected by me by the way] and Richard and his colleagues.

The Ealing boys slightly delayed, always the case with those who have the shortest journey and Brian Gregory who had just flown in from Cuba , his holiday not his home.

All going well until about an hour into the journey when we had the biggest thunderstorms of the year. We braved the weather until lunchtime at the Ship at Wandsworth Bridge, best barmaids of the walk so far [me again].

Hoping for the weather to have baited was a mistake as it just got worse until about a half mile from the end.

Boots drying out hopeful of a recovery and the rest of my attire straight into my washing machine. Bet you can’t imagine me doing my washing can you !!

Last day tomorrow and better weather forecast.

Thanks to Jenny for her organisation.