2013 Fundraising Events

London Marathon Runners

BenBurnettBen Burnett (4 hours and 20 minutes) “2 weeks on from a brilliant day in London and participating in one of the best events in my life, I still feel the ache and pains in my legs as I try to continue jogging for general fitness. However as I reflect back on the Marathon the pain leaves in an instant. I completed the Marathon in 4 hours¬†and 20 minutes, running without stopping the whole way round (therefore beating my Mum’s time which I am secretly relieved about).

Thanks to everyone for the tremendous support you have shown myself and ‘The Footprints Foundation’ in the lead up to the Marathon. We are truly grateful”


GrollsGeorge Rolls (3 hours and 51 minutes) “The Marathon showcases London at its absolute finest! Given the tragic events in Boston 7 days before, there was a real emotional edge just before the race, especially when everyone stopped their warm up before the gun for 30 seconds silence.

A journalist a few days after the race made a very appropriate remark that 40,000 marathon runners were probably the least likely group to get concerned or deterred from something they had so long prepared for by a pair of cowardly opportunistic terrorists. This remark really sums up the spirit of the race, the camaraderie felt between fellow runners and the collective drive to finish. When you couple this with the best crowds in the world, beautiful weather and great organisation you get the London Marathon. I loved it from the second I crossed the start line till the moment I finished and will certainly look to do it again.

The support from my charities (APEC and Footprints) was exemplarily!”


AdamWaterhouseAdam Waterhouse (4 hours and 45 minutes) “It was a fantastic day, the support from the crowd and all my sponsors was amazing.

I can honestly say that the sense of achievement is indescribable and the euphoria created by the crowd crossing tower bridge is immense!”