Friday 25th October

The last day and the contrast in weather from the 1st day could not have been more different.

Beautiful sunshine with temperatures reaching 28 degrees. We are off to Sithabile which is the Mears orphanage . We have had some fun and interesting moments during the trip but I do think that seeing our driver (Mr Holt) being pulled over by the police for contravening the South African Highways act had to be one of the highlights of the trip. However, as ever the smooth talker managed to get away with ‘we will let you off this time’.

We arrived at the project and witnessed the fantastic work that had been done by Mears team members over the previous years. Our task was to work on the boys dorm, painting internally and plastering and painting externally.

We all worked together to get it finished. What was very special was to see the children return home from school, they enjoyed playing with the team and especially enjoyed eating the sweets they were given. What a wonderful way to end the trip and great memories to take home to see the children happily playing and laughing.